ACV Centers Donates 5,400 Masks as PPE to Hospitals and Patients in Grand Rapids and Lansing

Dr. Jihad A. Mustapha and Dr. Fadi A. Saab, founders of Advanced Cardiac and Vascular Centers for Amputation Prevention, are donating 400 N95 and 4,500 KN95 respirator masks to local hospitals, as well as providing more than 500 KN95 masks to patients as personal protection equipment to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Dr. Mustapha is involved with amputation prevention programs worldwide. Through his network of colleagues and friends, he was able to work with suppliers to source an order of hard-to-find masks critical to healthcare providers and those at high risk of infection. After securing enough for its own staff of 75, ACV donated remaining masks to Mercy Health St. Mary’s, Metro Health – University of Michigan Health, Forest View Hospital, Spectrum Health Hospitals and Spectrum Health Rehabilitation.

Providers at ACV Centers say the surgical masks are critical for their patients, who are extremely susceptible to disease. ACV Centers treat patients with peripheral artery disease and the more advanced critical limb ischemia, two deadly diseases that when left untreated can lead to amputation. The centers remain open during this time as the procedures they offer are critical to saving the limbs – and lives – of their patients.

Masks were also given to McLaren Hospital and patients in the Lansing area, where ACV Centers has a third location.  

“PAD and CLI aren’t taking a break during the pandemic and neither are we,” said CEO Dr. Jihad Mustapha. “As a patient-centered practice offering the highest quality, personalized care available, this is one key way we can support those we serve.

“There are workers fighting on the frontlines every day for us all so, with resources as scarce as they are, we must do what we can to assist them. We’re honored to be able to share these masks with our local healthcare providers. We care about our community, and we are truly all in this together.”

ACV Centers is continuing to work with reputable vendors to secure additional PPE. It says it will provide additional donations if they are able to secure more masks.

Dr. Mustapha along with the other providers at ACV Centers, including his co-founder Dr. Fadi Saab, are widely recognized as leaders in preventing amputations due to cardiovascular disease. Physicians at ACV Centers have been dubbed “The Leg Savers” due to an unprecedented ability to prevent amputation utilizing arterial and vein procedures they have pioneered. Patients turn to them when other doctors have exhausted other options and recommend amputating a leg or foot.

“We know 60% of patients who have an amputation from CLI or PAD die within two years, which is higher than the five-year mortality rate for patients with breast, colon and prostate cancer,” Mustapha said. “We’re not OK with that. We have dedicated our lives to helping people save their legs so they can go on to lead full, healthy lives.”

Those wishing to volunteer and donate should reach out to a vetted nonprofit organization supporting COVID-19 response efforts, which can be identified at NVOAD recommends working with an existing organization where volunteers can ensure that they will be properly trained and supported.