Ernest Kollhoff

We received the following letter from our patient Ernest Kolloff’s wife, Sharon, on Aug. 6, 2020.  

My name is Sharon Kollhoff, and today I brought my husband Ernest Kollhoff to have a procedure done on his left leg by Dr. Jihad Mustapha.

We first met Dr. Mustapha on July 8, 2019 when our local cardiologist told us about him, and we were given an appointment less than five days later.

The scary part was that my husband had an upcoming appointment on July 11th to schedule the amputation of his left leg by a vascular surgeon who had performed a vein bypass around an aneurism, and the surgery failed and he then told us the only recourse we had was to amputate the leg.

We had no expectations on July 8th, but my husband arrived in a wheelchair he had used for three months – and he had a large wound that wasn’t healing from the vein bypass. His foot was numb, and he could not move his toes at all. He had a lot of pain also.

The procedure took about three hours and they called me into the room after it was over with. Dr. Mustapha had explained what he was going to do beforehand, but what a surprise when he asked my husband to “wiggle” his toes – and he was able to wiggle ALL five toes! We were given copies of the ultrasound showing the blood now flowing all the way to the tips of his toes! How exciting that was for us!!

We’ve been back a few more times as the Dr. cleaned up other problems. Ernie has not used a wheelchair since July 8, 2019! He might use a walker from time to time, but one year later he does not even use one at home.

In March of 2020, Dr. Saab did a two-day procedure in McLaren Hospital, and later we were told he needed another procedure – but then COVID hit and, taking precautions, we decided to wait for three months – until today.

During this summer while staying home for three months, Ernest has been regaining muscle strength in his arms and legs and has been outdoors working on projects for the first time in at least three years.

We celebrated “no amputation of leg” by getting a Polaris Ranger with a plow, so he plowed a few times (not much snow).

The point is – he has always been an outdoor guy – and he was stuck inside about three years! Now he gets out every day. He has mowed our large lawn all summer, tackled a gas powered weed cuter and even a handheld scythe – for whacking weeds.

He rides the Ranger up and down our private road, waves at people and is a very happy man.

I should also add – we have had no company or help with housework during the stay at home orders. One day in May, I took a hard fall and landed on my left shoulder, went to the ER, but was told its not broken or dislocated, but I couldn’t use my arm.

Ernie has been able to get breakfast around, and lunch, and helps me with dinner. He also vacuums floors. The help he has been to me is priceless, as I struggle with the torn shoulder and other medical issues that I’m having.

We truly want to thank you, Dr. Mustapha, for saving Ernie’s leg, so he could enjoy his life again, and be helpful to me daily. You and Dr. Saab have all been involved along the way this past year and we will forever be grateful to all of you – as well as your wonderful staff. We have never been treated so good – we all love all of them who work in your offices.

But our hearts belong to you, Dr. Mustapha – it’s with God’s help that you are able to do the work that you do and to help so many people – we love you dearly and have been blessed since the day we met you – July 8, 2019.

May God always bless you and your staff.

All our love,

Earnest and Sharon Kollhoff