Don’t ignore the symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease – eightWest

60% of patients who receive an amputation due to PAD die within two years.

Did you know this is higher than the five-year mortality rate for patients with breast, colon and prostate cancer?

Did you know the top limb loss prevention specialists in the country are ready to give you your leg – and life – back?

The team at ACV Centers has been dubbed “The Leg Savers” for our unprecedented ability to prevent amputation utilizing arterial and vein procedures. Patients turn to us when other doctors have exhausted other options and recommend amputating a leg or foot.

Unfortunately, amputation is too often recommended – leaving individuals without mobility, in pain and at risk for further health complications – when there are other options. In another sobering and terrifying statistic, those who lose a limb to amputation often lose their life within two years.

We encourage everyone who may be susceptible to, or diagnosed with, peripheral artery disease (PAD) and critical limb ischemia (CLI) to do their research and get a second opinion. Some signs to be aware of include:

Dr. Fadi Saab recently was on eightWest to talk about why you shouldn’t ignore the symptoms of PAD and CLI.