Advanced Cardiac & Vascular Amputation Prevention Centers Opens Lansing Office

Spurred by strong patient demand, Advanced Cardiac & Vascular Amputation Prevention Centers has opened a second office in Lansing.

The new office is a state-of-the-art outpatient endovascular center. Like ACV’s first location in Grand Rapids, the team in the Lansing office will provide comprehensive vascular, vein and cardiac care.

The office will also have a special concentration on treating peripheral artery disease, or PAD, and the complications of critical limb ischemia, or CLI. Up to 10 health care professionals will be employed initially in the office, which is located at 3370 E. Jolly Road. ACV Lansing began accepting patients in November.

“We had a significant number of patients traveling to our Grand Rapids office since there isn’t anyone in Lansing who is doing this type of work,” Mustapha said. “Our goal is to make sure each patient is well taken care of and receives highly personalized and comprehensive care to treat their conditions and allow them to maximize their lives.”

The physicians partner with primary care providers, podiatrists and wound care professionals to ensure patients are provided with appropriate multi-disciplinary care. Using leading-edge technology and tools, ACV physicians regularly remove blockages from arteries, returning blood flow and improving circulation.

PAD is a common circulation problem that occurs when arteries that carry blood throughout the body become narrowed or blocked, restricting blood flow to feet, legs and other areas. Those who smoke, have diabetes or chronic kidney disease or suffer from high blood pressure or high cholesterol are candidates for PAD. Left untreated, PAD can lead to tissue loss, gangrene, amputations and eventually death.

“This year, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to create a space where we can provide medical care that has and will continue to save limbs – and lives,” Mustapha said. “This new location is a major milestone in the mission of ACV – we want to reach as many people as possible to provide second chances, help them avoid amputation and get them back in control of their health.”

Mustapha and Saab plan to use ACV Centers as a national model for amputation prevention, opening centers throughout the United States.